Sean Murphy, the CEO of Many Hands UK manages the day to day practicalities and challenges. Sean has over 35-years of International Development experience, working in Asia, Africa and Indonesia. Based upon this experience he has developed a targeted approach to the investment of micro-funds into partnerships that ensure long term sustainability rather than reliance on continuous individual fundraising and donations. 

Lynne Burke has worked at St Antony’s Priory in Durham since 2012 and previously in the Health Service for twenty five years. Lynne runs the Social Justice programme involving local schools, linking and making relevant children’s experience in India to our own children in local Durham schools. Lynne is passionate about the inherent wisdom of children and led a playgroup for babies and toddlers for many years in her own locality alongside her work both as a radiographer and then at St Antony’s.

Paul Golightly is Director of St Antony’s Priory, Durham. He has advocated and supported aid and development charity work all of his adult life and is now delighted to be part of the imaginative approach of Many Hands UK . Paul is the Chair of Trustees and is also delighted to be part of the day to day establishment and running of the organisation.

Jimmy Swinhoe is our Fundraising Coordinator. Jimmy is a vital member of our team, apart from raising awareness throughout the local region, Jimmy assists with the day to day operations of events management and is usually our first point of contact. Jimmy also helps coordinates our pilot programme called the Very Next Step, which involves local people who are in recovery working along side our events team to put on community fundraising events.

David Beavis is our Branding and Networking Director and has a wealth of experience in both the Corporate and Charitable sectors. He is currently the Director of Northern Pinetree Trust Trading Ltd, as well as managing the Business Centre, David was previously Chair of the Princes Trust national Enterprise Quality group. David will looking at how to blend Many Hands UK's three cornerstones of support, the School's Justice programme, the UK recovery programme and Dress the Conscience campaigns. 

Office GF6, Pinetree Business Centre, Durham Road, Birtley, Co Durham, DH3 2TD

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