​Many Hands works with people in the North East of England who are living with disabilities. We develop the capacity and skills of those excluded, or on the fringe of local communities, in such a way that they are better able to participate more fully in society.

We do this by developing their life skills of vulnerable adults through involving them in enterprising activities and initiatives. We have a full calendar of events, campaigns and programmes that individuals can take part in and obtain new skills as well as building confidence which could be transferred into the workplace.

The programme involves developing the following skills:
• Event planning
• Problem solving in the workplace
• Team dynamics
• Fundraising best practices
• Involvement in campaigns
• Database management

All the above are conducted in a workplace environment.

If you are in a recovery programme or someone who runs a support organisation and would like to know about our Empowerment programme, please click here for more information.

GF6 - Pinetree Business Centre, Durham Road, Birtley, Co Durham, DH3 2TD

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